GOLDEXPO WARSZAWA – is a trade fair dedicated to the goldsmith and jewelery industry, aimed at building relationships with existing and potential contractors. Organized by (Fundację dla Rozwoju Polskiej Branży Złotniczo-Jubilerskiej) the Foundation for the Development of the Polish Goldsmithing and Jewelery Industry – people from the goldsmith and jeweler community who care about the unity and development of the industry, long-term participants of the trade fairs both Polish and foreign.

GOLDEXPO WARSZAWA is an event combining not only the presentation of the latest fashion trends in jewelry, the latest technological and production systems, but also a wide range of workshops for participants taking part in presentations, training sessions, seminars or conferences for goldsmith and jewelery industry specialists.

We believe that GOLDEXPO WARSZAWA will permanently enter the international market calendar of the goldsmith and jewelery industry, they will become an event where you can missed!



12/14 Prądzyńskiego street
01-222 Warsaw

How to get there

Directions to the Expo hall by bus lines: 105, 125, 136, 154, 159, 167, 178, 184, 186, 506, 507, 523, 414 (PKP Kasprzaka stop) or 136, 154, 167 178, 184, 186 (stop Prądzyńskiego). The bus timetable is available at
By taking the metro, get off at the Centrum or Świętokrzyska bus stop, then change to bus number 105, 507 (Centrum stop) or 125, 178, 506 (all towards Wola) and get off at the PKP Kasprzaka stop (or Prądzyńskiego in the case of 178 ). The bus timetable is available at
Using the tram, get off at Aleje Jerozolimskie. At the height of Plac Zawiszy, change to the bus going towards Kasprzaka street and get off at the PKP Kasprzaka or Prądzyńskiego stop. The tram line 10 stops at the “Teatr Na Woli” stop. From here, go to the end of Brylowska Street and turn right into ul. Prądzyńskiego. The tram timetable is available at
Driving a car, head towards Szczęśliwice, towards Towarowa Street and Kasprzaka Street. Driving from the center Aleje Jerozolimskimi, head towards Zawiszy Square, then turn into Towarowa, then at the Daszyńskiego roundabout turn into Kasprzaka street, then turn left into Bema street. When looking for an access road by car, use the website